Last week, we made another Home Depot run! Dustin, Ryan, and Dmitriy went to Home Depot and loaded up on drywall, while I rented an iGo pickup truck to haul it back to the space (an aside: as a southerner I naturally like trucks, so this was a treat for me). We picked up 16 sheets, a bucket of drywall mud, some putty knives, and a drywall square. We got it back to the space, where Matt and Tim met us and helped stash it in the framed-out metalworking room.


This weekend, Mason, Dustin, Dmitry, and I got together and started the actual drywalling process. We got the wall that faces the common area covered nicely, as well as the wall that separates the two rooms. I installed the sliding glass door into the wood room wall.

All in all, it looks like a space now! Pictures to come.