This list will be out of date as soon as it is published, but our tool list includes (but is not limited to):

3D Printers Galore

  • A Reprap
  • a more different rep-rap
  • a Makerbot Cupcake

A full electronics bench with:

  • a solder station
  • a hot air rework gun
  • oodles of components
  • a multimeter
  • two oscilloscopes
  • a signal generator

Vinyl Cutter



Hand tools

  • hammers
  • screwdrivers
  • power drills

Woodworking tools

  • two band saws
  • two table saws
  • a drill press
  • a jointer
  • a planer
  • a miter saw

Metalworking tools

  • a chop saw
  • more to come

The Technology

We currently have an empty rack and a handful of servers sitting around. We recently got a 50 Mb/s down, 10Mb/s up Internet connection! Come celebrate this with us by hosting something in our space!