Holiday Party 2015

What a party! It was absolutely fantastic to see so many of our friends, family, and supporters. It was a night full of mingling, brainstorming, and tea!–and a selfie stick.

Holiday Party 2015 - Selfie! Holiday Party 2015 - Selfie!Holiday Party 2015 - Selfie!




No regrets.

Mike Davis of ScienceFIST started the night of demos off with a bang! Well, more of a VROOOShFFMMFMM. But ya know. See his video here.

Our super buddy, Sasha Neri, from the Chicago Public Library’s MakerLab showed us some awesome paper craft fun!

Holiday Party 2015 - Sasha Neri

Dan Meyer from the MSI’s FabLab and fellow member of SSH:C showed off his tri-copter! It flew. It conquered. It was so powerful, it blew away napkins and could probably have taken off some eyebrows. Not gonna lie, I was a little terrified. In this video he describes the process.

Justin Buschnyj & Martin Rivera from Working Bikes rocked their demo. They taught us that we could turn some old tires into sweet swag. Rock that belt, yo!

Holiday Party 2015 - Justin Buschnyj

The powerhouse known as Christina Pei of TOOOL walked us through some basic lockpicking!

Holiday Party 2015 - Christina Pei

I was sad that I didn’t get to participate as much in the demos myself, and it sounds kind of strange, but hearing everyone around me have such a good time was worth it. Everyone was laughing and sharing stories. It was fantastic to see how far the space has come and show off our new members. Looking back on the footage from the night, I think the best was the video from Dan’s drone checking all of us out. The sheer awe and the relentless smiles in that room reminded me how thankful I am to be part of such a brilliant community. Happy new year from SSH:C!!

For more photos, check out our FB album.
For a timelapse of the party, check out our YouTube channel.