Joining gets you access to the space and our tools, and it helps us provide the community (including you) with neat learning opportunities!

Membership Tiers

  • Southside Sidekick: $10/mo
    • Show up and don’t feel like a stranger!
    • Feel like you’re making a contribution.
  • Starving Hacker: $35/mo
    • Get a key to the space!
    • Eligibility for parking permits and a’la carte options
  • Full Membership: $60/mo
    • Vote all you want!
    • Dedicated storage locker in the space!
    • Right to run for a position on the Board!
    • Monthly blog spot!

(Rates effective April 18 2015)

Ready to commit?

Hey, so you’re ready to make the jump? Awesome! The way it works right now, there are two steps to becoming a member:

  • Show up at a weekly meeting with your photo ID and fill out some forms
  • Choose a membership tier and set up payment via Paypal:

Membership Tiers

You can do these in any order! As always, shoot us an email if you have any questions.