When I lived in Atlanta, I had my TV mounted to the wall of my living room. When I moved up to Chicago, I discovered that I had thrown away the actual TV stand. My girlfriend suggested that, rather than keeping the TV on top of a stack of cardboard boxes, why don’t I go down to the hackerspace and make a stand? So, I did.

I started with an 4×8 foot sheet of MDF, which Matt helped me break down on the table saw into two 3×3 foot pieces. I then thought about it for a minute, and realized I only needed one 3×3 foot piece, and kicked myself for buying a ton of extra MDF. I split one 3×3 foot piece in half diagonally, to form two triangles.

TV StandI traced a rough idea for a TV stand onto those triangles, and cut them out with the band saw. Finally, I joined them with some piano hinge. I plan to return tonight to paint them.


After that, I had some time on my hands and some scrap lumber, and a metal stand with nothing going on up top, so I decided to make it into a work table. I attached two scrap 2x4s to the metal stand using wood screws and some chunks of scrap on the bottom of the metal stand to receive them, then I made a table top out of scrap 2×6 that I oriented orthoganally to the 2x4s. I used the little bench to cut up some drywall, and it worked like a charm!