The Space

We operate out of Bubbly Dynamics, located on 37th St between Morgan and Racine.

Our space is 1,200 square feet and is subdivided based on the awesome tools we offer:

Meeting Space – caters toward collaboration, with a projector, sound system, plenty of outlets, and a shelf full of board games

Electronics Workbench – houses our soldering irons, screwdrivers, a hot air rework gun, oscilloscopes, oodles of components, a multimeter, two oscilloscopes, a signal generator and a lot of components you might need to fix your own consumer goods

3D Printer and Lasercutter Station – a desk with a printer, lasercutter, and their respective computers loaded with rendering/modeling software, reprap, Makerbot Cupcake

Vinyl Cutter and Phlatprinter - mobile devices which can roll away when not being used.

Wood Shop – located at the back of our space, includes a table saw, band saw, jointer, router, miter saw, planer, drill press, chop saw, sanders, and nail gun, as well as welding tools, Dewalt power/hand tools, and air compressors, hand tools like screwdrivers, power drills and hammers

Technology – We currently have an empty rack and a handful of servers sitting around. We recently got a 50 Mb/s down, 10Mb/s up Internet connection! Come celebrate this with us by hosting something in our space!

Other Amenities – storage lockers, a mini fridge, access to the community garden outside, much more

We’re always in the process of building or upgrading new tools! Come check out what’s cooking. To see more photos of our space, check out our Facebook photo album documenting the build-out. For potential donations, please contact pr@sshchicago.org.

The Board

Jeff Carr - President

  • is always Carrful
  • sends cameras to (almost) space for fun
  • Contact: president@sshchicago.org

    Andrew EdwardsVice President

  • prefers boxed lightning to bottled
  • has his own mad scientist lair
  • is a friend to all metals everywhere
  • Contact: vicepresident@sshchicago.org

    Dmitriy VysotskiyTreasurer

  • transmission engineer by day, lazy bum by night
  • jack of many trades, master of some
  • tea lover
  • somewhat fluent in Russian
  • co-founder
  • prefers to not have fun facts, even though he has the most fun facts
  • Contact: treasurer@sshchicago.org

    Shawn CoyleChief Technology Officer

  • has a cute dog named Andi
  • Contact: cto@sshchicago.org

    Ben MoroneySecretary

  • wishes he was a meme
  • Contact: secretary@sshchicago.org

    ZiggoPublic Relations

  • vinyl sticker aficionado
  • pokémon card collector
  • likes to play with machines
  • Contact: pr@sshchicago.org

    Tim MataMember-At-Large

  • talks about finishing projects
  • seldom (never?) finishes projects
  • likes chucking rocks
  • Contact: memberatlarge@sshchicago.org

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