Please fill out our visitor form and stop by any of our regular Open House/General Body meetings, held each week on Wednesdays at 7:30PM. You’ll meet the members, get a tour of the space, and get all your questions answered!


1048 West 37th St
Unit 105
Chicago, IL 60609

We’re in the building with the green gate in front of the loading docks. It will generally be the only building with cars in front of it on that block. We’re across the street from a huge fenced off empty lot. If you smell Pop Tarts, you’re in the right neighborhood! Dial #105 in the building directory and someone will buzz you in.


Immediately inside the front door is a flight of five or six steps. If you need, someone can open up the loading dock gate, where there is a long expanded steel ramp. Call us on the intercom next to the door, we’ll be out to show you through.

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