Membership Information

Hackerspace membership grants you individual access to our space, tools and community. It also helps us maintain and improve our operations.

Membership is $45/month, which includes:

  • Key to access the space (typically 24/7)
  • Participation in SSH:Chicago business – make and vote on proposals
  • Eligibility to run for Board positions and voting in Board elections
  • Ready to commit? SSH:Chicago has a “Two Visit Policy”

    Request an appointment to visit and tour the space by filling out this form . At this time, appointments are typically set for 6:45PM on Wednesdays, ahead of our General Body Meeting at 7:30PM. You may request a different appointment time in the form.

    Have your appointment confirmed and come in for your first visit. At this time you can get a tour of the space, ask us any questions and get a membership form to take home.

    Arrange to return for a second visit to complete the sign-up. You can do this during your first visit or later by contacting us via email. The second visit has to happen within a month of the first and two Board members will need to be there to complete the sign-up process.

    Return for your second visit. You will need to bring the filled membership form, photo ID and a means of payment. We currently accept credit and debit cards (processed by Stripe), and alternative methods are available upon request.

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