Dmitriy Drill Chris Agocs


Phil Strong – President

  • Probably strong?
  • Enjoys board games, especially Dominion
  • Master of LAZORS

Andrew Edwards – Vice President

Chris Agocs – Member at Large

  • Flagrant Motorcyclist
  • Helluva Engineer
  • Go language enthusiast
  • Cat lover
  • Dangerously cheesy

Dmitriy Vysotskiy – Treasurer

  • Transmission engineer by day, lazy bum by night
  • Jack of many trades, master of some
  • Tea lover
  • Somewhat fluent in Russian

Jessica Fong – Public Relations

  • Tea snob
  • Enjoys raw fish wrapped in the grass of the sea
  • Will never give you up, let you down, run around and desert you
  • Will probably make you cry, say goodbye, definitely tell lies and hurt you
  • May contain nuts

Thomas Geoghegan – Secretary

Christian McNamara – CTO