Presiding Board 2018-2019

JEFF CARR – President

Phil Strong – Vice President

Dmitriy Vysotskiy – Treasurer

  • transmission engineer by day, lazy bum by night
  • jack of many trades, master of some
  • tea lover
  • somewhat fluent in Russian
  • co-founder
Christian McNamara – Chief Technology Officer

  • would never impersonate a computer
  • enjoys teaching
  • can beat you in a vending machine hacking contest
  • buys and breaks a lot of things

Becca Waterloo – PR Director

  • loves to drink water
  • can instagram better than you
  • biked across Iowa 4 times
  • harrasses her cats as a hobby
Declan Knittel – Member-At-Large

  • hardest man in Chicago – but strictly when I’m in my exoskeleton
  • favourite topic of conversation: speculative cosmology
  • occasionally makes YouTube videos that get more downvotes than upvotes
  • sees an abandoned building and immediately thinks: ‘I bet you could throw a rave in there’