Presiding Board 2017-2018
For all general inquiries, please email

Phil Strong – President

Jeff Carr – Vice President

  • Is always Carrful
  • Sent a camera to space that one time
  • Slick Sticker Slinger
  • So hip his profile pic is a polaroid

Andrew Edwards – Member at Large

Dmitriy Vysotskiy – Treasurer

Dmitriy Drill

  • Transmission engineer by day, lazy bum by night
  • Jack of many trades, master of some
  • Tea lover
  • Somewhat fluent in Russian

Thomas Geoghegan – Secretary

Christian McNamara – Chief Technology Officer

  • Would never impersonate a computer
  • Enjoys teaching
  • Would beat you in a vending machine hacking contest
  • Buys and breaks a lot of things