An argument for safety gear

One thing we’re doing well now is providing safety equipment. Make sure you use it, please!


00:18 < ErBear> after you all left
00:18 < ErBear> i was cutting 45s on the tablesaw for the legs for that table
00:19 < ErBear> one of the pieces had a knot
00:19 < ErBear> …i mean they all have knots
00:19 < ErBear> but this one was special
00:19 < ErBear> just under the surface, it went all the way through, and was incredibly solid
00:19 < ErBear> and it exploded
00:19 < ErBear> yay
00:19 < ErBear> tl;dr: i broke one of the push sticks

Erin was using push sticks, safety glasses, and a full face shield. She left the space with 10 fingers and 2 eyes. If you’re working with power tools, please make sure you understand what you’re doing, and that you take the appropriate precautions.

Keep doing amazing things!