How to Charge a Dead Battery

I was hacking at the space last week. I had brought my old Nikon D1X along, wanting to take some photos, but the battery was dead! I didn’t have the charger at the space, so what’s a guy to do?Charging a Dead Battery


I did have a variable power supply with a current meter available to me, so I devised a solution. Using a voltmeter, I figured out which was the positive and the negative terminal, then I hooked that up to the power supply. I adjusted the power supply so it read .9A, and waited. I noticed that after 10 minutes or so, that had dropped to .7A, so I turned the voltage up a bit. 10 minutes later, same thing. 10 minutes later I disconnected the battery, and it was charged!

Some notes:

  • Battery’s rating: 7.5v
  • Initial charge: 7.2v
  • Final charge: 7.9v



Last week, we made another Home Depot run! Dustin, Ryan, and Dmitriy went to Home Depot and loaded up on drywall, while I rented an iGo pickup truck to haul it back to the space (an aside: as a southerner I naturally like trucks, so this was a treat for me). We picked up 16 sheets, a bucket of drywall mud, some putty knives, and a drywall square. We got it back to the space, where Matt and Tim met us and helped stash it in the framed-out metalworking room.


This weekend, Mason, Dustin, Dmitry, and I got together and started the actual drywalling process. We got the wall that faces the common area covered nicely, as well as the wall that separates the two rooms. I installed the sliding glass door into the wood room wall.

All in all, it looks like a space now! Pictures to come.

Hackerspace Buildout

The buildout continues!

Last night, Dustin, Dmitriy, and I met at the space to continue building the space. To recap: before we got there, most of the walls had been framed out, and there were only a few that needed to be tap-conned to the floor. Dustin framed the last piece that needed to be framed, and he and I were able to tap-con a few more segments down before our downstairs neighbors yelled at us for being noisy. We switched to cleanup mode, and got a lot of cleaning done before Dmitriy returned with a 1×4. Together, the three of us got all of the interior doors installed, and the server room wall secured.

photo3 photo4

What remains

The side wall of the metalworking room still needs to be attached to the existing wall with angle brackets. The front wall of the metalworking room needs one or two more tap-cons attaching it to the floor. I think we will try to make a drywall run on Wednesday, and then we can start drywalling!